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Rate the poster is a simple game about guessing the score of a movie based on the poster.

Do you think you can guess the quality of a movie based on the poster? Try it out and I'll show you how good you are at it!

I'll show u a poster and a slider. You select the score that you think corresponds with the actual movie score. The 'actual' score is based on IMDB and Metacritic if it's listed.

When you sumbit your score I'll show you the 'Actual' and you can see how close or how far off you were. You get ten posters in total.

After all ten posters I'll rate YOU on your performance for rating the posters. You can share your performance on your favorite social media. Faceook, Twitter or Google Plus. Or if your score is really embarrassing you can try again.

Good luck and guess them right!

Kind regards,
Maarten Bruggink

Rate the Poster

Can you guess what rating the movie has? Try to guess it based on the poster. I’ll show you the rating of the film after you're done rating and rate you on how close you got.

Good luck!

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