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How it’s made

If you’re wondering how some thing on this webpage are made, no need to to inspect and gues what’s going on, I’ll explain it right here.

Click on the section you’re interested in and I’ll show you how it’s done!

Séverine Oudhof

Developer Personal project 2017

As a designer the online portfolio of Séverine Oudhof needed to stand out and her work needed to get all the attention. With this in mind the website is structured to give each work item all the space it could get without any noise from other items.

On the server there is small NodeJS server compiling the EJS by combining it with some JSON data to html. This way it would be generally easy to get the data from a CMS later on.

  • Nodejs
  • Express
  • Ejs
  • Scss
Build tools:
  • Webpack
  • Docker

How it's build?

For now there is no lab item about this project.
If you're interested in how it's made then leave your email below, and I’ll notify you when a lab item has been made. It also helps me to prioritize which lab item to do first.

Developer Build in Amsterdam 2017
Developer Personal project 2016